Sunday, January 15, 2012

True Confessions

True Confessions time. I am super on the creativity/design part of projects but have trouble following through. 
Case in point, the Chores Chart I made for Sophia. As soon as November hit and we got busier, it fell by the waste side. Every once in a while Sophia reminds me about our chart (especially when she was campaigning for a new animal. I told her she had to show us she was responsible and would help with the care of an animal and she pointed out that we didn't do the Chore Chart any more...future lawyer???). 

Then there was the Advent Calendar with activities to do each day. I really think this was not meant for a working outside the home mom. I mean really?? I see her an hour in the morning and then about 4 hours in the afternoon/evening if I'm lucky. Where is there time to squeeze in an activity?? Dinner, bath, working out, night time routine....I'd be better off with a chocolate countdown like we did for Halloween. And Sophia would like that better anyways. Anyone need an Advent Calendar? Activities included??? It's free!

And then there's my gratitude book, which should be important, but I keep forgetting to actually write it down. I have it in my head and write it down the next day or the next day. Sigh....And yes Crafty Girls from Craft Night, you did make the book! I did remember to write it down! I am doing better though.

Which brings me to my final confession. I made this frame with leaves to write down things we were thankful for as a family, each day. I really want Sophia to learn early on to be grateful for what she has. As an only child, I worry about her just expecting things. 

We got through about 2 leaves (days) and then we slacked.

So after  much thought, in order to not waste the leaves, and considering the fact that the frame was on the mantel which makes it harder to get to, I thought I'd make a simple 30 Days of Thanks book where we can keep it handy and write down things we are thankful for, as a family. Don't know if this will help me follow through......?????

I just glued the leaves I'd previously made to the 6 x 6 pages I made. 

I just tried to keep it simple. I remembered to ink the words before I glued them down. No ribbons to hide the rings, they are black after all. 
So now it's ready for next year.....
But then again, that involves following through. 

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? I just can't seem to keep up the effort. 

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Anonymous said...

I find that too as a working mom. If I have too many ideas in my head of things I want to do with Atticus in our time together after work/school, it becomes pressure and usually not as enjoyable. So, I stopped fooling myself. We're still making memories and having fun. I got 2 days behind with my gratitude journal (caught up last night)...I think I'm going to keep a post it close by so I can jot down a word or two to remember what I'm grateful for until I can journal it. And lastly, remember your one little word...if you have too much you're trying to accomplish, it's hard to be present.