Monday, February 8, 2016

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bathroom Re-Do

We've been in our house since 2001. So we are currently in the process of re-doing and upgrading.
Our master bathroom was our first project in our home. I painted it this goldish, Dejon mustard color back in 2002 (I actually painted it twice. The first time I painted it, it was too yellow, so I repainted it the same weekend with a darker shade).
I paired rich cranberry towels and a gingham patterned curtain (from leftovers from the kitchen curtains). I had used jewel tones throughout the house.

There I am in my pj's....don't judge. If I'm home, I'm in comfy clothes.
I know people say the quickest and cheapest way to change a room is through paint but I disagree. And the reason being the amount of money and time I spend when I paint. I spend tons of money on rollers, brushes, drop cloths, Paint (I tend to repaint immediately if it's the wrong color). And then there's time.....I'm a slow methodical painter but a quick sewer). So choose a color theme and go with that. I already had a Dijon mustard wall....what goes with that? Gray and white! Bam!
Having said that, to me, to re-do a room....start with the accessories.
I started with the towels. I added a decorative trim that coordinates with my gray, mustard and white color scheme.
All I did was measure the distance on the towel that would fit a band of color, added the seam allowance. Sewed it on the front.

For the curtain, I just hemmed the edges on the 2 sides. Then did the same on the top and bottom. Then folded over the top to create a path for the curtain rod. Shoved the extension rod through it and hung it up.

Tips on sewing with bath towels...make sure you pre-wash and dry them. I didn't and wished I had. Because the big fluffy towel ate up fabric (once I started sewing I ended up short on one end because it was so fluffy and I didn't pre-wash). The thinner the bath towel or wash rag, the better. It sewed more evenly.

I kept the candle holders I had originally. I had bought the baskets to hold the bath supplies 2 weeks ago. So they are new but still coordinate. I may decide to spray paint the metal part black but for now, they stay rusty. I just didn't want a spray paint smell while soaking in the tub.

By day.......

And the art I already photos from my photog class from my Italian trip. I already had the frame. Free art!
As far as time, sewing was definitely the way to go. For me! I tend to take forever on painting (and spend way too much money on it).
So to re-do a bathroom...think towels, curtains, rugs. It might be cheaper than paint + all of those things.....

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Custom Order for the Family

I just wanted to share my latest custom listing. She wanted shades of green and gray and here's what I came up with.
My original Family letter tutorial is found here.
I found the letters at The Wood Connection. 

I hope she likes them!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Letters

Introducing my latest design letters, the word FAMILY. I bought the letters at The Wood Connection. I sanded them a little first.
The coated them, front and back with gray acrylic paint.

Then I worked on the order of the papers I chose, to create a fluid design, but also create contrast. As you can see I chose yellow and gray as my color theme.

Put it all together and this is what you get!

I added some touches of teal to spice it up!

I added a layer of Modge Podge on top of my letters after the papers had been attached and dried for a day to minimize wrinkling.
It's available in my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My "Quotes" Journal

I'm a lover a good quote and after rereading my More Series books and her newest one available on Amazon, I was inspired to create a quotes journal because Jay McLean just had so many quotables and having it in my Kindle notes wasn't enough. So go read her series! It will inspire you too! Start with More Than This.
So back to my's the finished product. 
But it start out as this old school memo book that we've all seen (at least in America). Once back to school supplies shopping begins, I can find them for 99 cents.

My daughter hijacked this one before I could beautify it.

So it went from that to this by wrapping it in scrapbook paper.

You need 2 pieces of 12 x 12 paper that you will cut down to 9 3/4 x 12 (measure the journal 1st, that's just what mine measured as).
Those are used to wrap around the cover. As you can see I had to add strips of coordinating paper to cover the rest because the paper wasn't big enough.
For those strips of paper, I cut a 2x 9 3/4 for the outside and 3 x 9 3/4 for the inside. I repeated the same for the back cover.
Then I found the cool chalkboard stickers to use as labels. One even had a cute little Jaybird on it. And they really do work but, I had thicker chalk and it just didn't look pretty. So I used white paint pen. I'm going to look for skinny chalk the next time I'm out.

I love this scrapbook paper. It's called Be You by Fancy Pants. This page is all one print. I didn't cut and layer those strips. But it has quotes about being you, being in the moment etc.

Then I added a little washi tape with the alphabet (found in the scrapbook section of a craft store). It comes in tons of different patterns.

Then I added some red ribbon with glue.

I used a little baker's twine to wrap around the front a couple of times to tie on these charms.

I added a mini clothespin to keep my place.
And this is what I ended up with.
*** All measurements given are in inches.***

Monday, July 14, 2014

An Initial Craft For Kids

Sophia has been wanting to craft up a storm, so the other day we got on Pinterest and found a few things that she wanted to make. One craft we started with we found over at
We changed it up a bit but we're still happy with the results.
We started with a cardboard letter S we found at Joann's. She used acrylic hot pink paint to paint the letter first and let it dry.
Then, she glued buttons that we also bought at Joann's on top. Her idea was to use glitter glue so that if it was too thick or clumpy, it would just look like glitter.

Super easy. Pretty inexpensive. And she had fun. All I did was make sure she didn't get the acrylic paint all over herself or the kitchen.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fit4Mom's Event


I recently had the opportunity to give a gift certificate to my Etsy shop to help support a fellow mommy business on a give away. Check it out! 

FIT4MOM of Arlington/Mansfield would like to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who donated raffle prizes and goodies for our swag bags! We had such a wonderful Grand Opening event in Mansfield. 35+ moms and 45+ kiddos came to celebrate with us! It truly was an amazing morning. We are excited to be back in Mansfield, and look forward to spreading the joy of our FIT4MOM community

Special thanks to:
CopperTop Saloon for donating a beautiful fruit & veggie tray, raffle gift and coupons
6507 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76001
Aqua-Tots of Mansfield for donating bags to hold swag and free class coupons
1551 U.S. 287 #111, Mansfield, TX 76063
Happy Family- for yummy organic superfood samples for the kiddos

Thank you to:
Music & Movement of Arlington
Pearcingly You- Etsy
Kaminski's Creations- Etsy
Swanky Chic Boutique- Etsy
Loyal Lola- Etsy
Hey Y'all Paper & Designs- Etsy
Bridget Davet- Young Living, Jamberry
The Parlour Salon
Little MusicMaker of Mansfield
Gold Dust Vintage 
Madison Hastings- Mary Kay
J&R Roofing and Construction
Just Between Friends
Babies R Us
Chick-fil-A- Mansfield
Please show these wonderful, local businesses some support! We wouldn't have had such awesome giveaways without their generosity.
1850 Diamond St Suite 102 | San Marcos, CA 92078 US
Check our their website for yourselves here  Arlington Fit 4 Mom.