Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year...A New Look to the Blog

I went ahead and purchased the blog set that matches my Etsy shop set, so that when I eventually get it up and running, they will match. So I finally uploaded all of that this morning. 

Looking forward to the new year. I'll be documenting my year in 2 ways. I'm starting my 365 Days of Gratitude Journal where I log something everyday that I'm thankful for. And I'll also be launching my Project 52. It's based on the same concept of Project 365, except instead of a new photo each day, it's one photo a week. I'm going to get cracking on making a mini-book for that (as soon as I finish the book that I'm currently working on), so that I'll have a 52 photos that give a glimpse of our year. There are many blogs out there devoted to this topic and they give prompts to help inspire you with your photography. You can post your photos on their galleries. But for me, I want it to be more personal and not driven by a certain topic. But I'll be posting my photos on here to share. If you'd like to join the group I've created on Flickr,  Kaminski's Creations.

Happy New Year!

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Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

looks good! Can't wait to see all the pretty things you make in 2012~