Monday, January 23, 2012

One Little Word Journal/Scrapbook- Prompt 2

So Prompt 2 is to create 2 small canvases that name, invite, claim, quote and welcome your word into your life. That last part sounds a little cheesy to me, but I'm gonna give it a try. 

Here's what Ali Edwards January page looks (she's keeping a scrapbook of sorts, from what I've gathered). She did not show her canvases so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. But she uses these slotted page protectors to slide her journaling etc. into. I've decided I didn't want to do the slotted page protector route. 

And it just so happened that we had a professional development session on creating journals....divine intervention?? I think so. So I decided to use the pages I made in the class as my canvases. They are watercolor papers that have been gessoed. We used acrylic paints and inks to layer onto our pages.

Here's my word (I painted the page cream, let it dry and then stenciled the red pattern on there. The teacher at the workshop had this stencil and it was made of paper. Wondering if she cut it on a Cricut or bought as a scrapbook paper? I'll have to investigate!).

So here's my word....Present.
One Little Word, 2012

Then on this page I defined it. I used a similar layering process except for this page, I didn't gesso the paper. Notice the blurry edges and fuzziness. Looks kinda cool but if you want more precise edges, definitely gesso the paper first.
I used acrylic paint and a journaling stamp to print lines for me to write the definition of my word.

I used stamps and acrylic paint to print my word.

I used a misting bottle (basically a mini squirt bottle) filled with a couple of drops of a liquid acrylic paint and water. I just misted the paint mixture over a stencil, several times, letting it dry in between.

Another word for present...aware.
Then I wrote why I wanted to use the word "present" around the perimeter with a Sharpie. I printed the word aware using my Opposites Attract cartridge.
This page was created using the same stenciling process except the stencil (made of paper) started coming apart and so those are the pieces of purply paper you see. Kinda adds more texture to me. Happy accidents.
I've decided for me, the bird is very symbolic of my word. Birds are so free. As in the Bible verse I quoted previously, they don't worry about anything, they just live (partly because their brains are the size of peas). I cut the bird shape using my Cricut Give a Hoot cartridge. The paper I used for the shape was a black paper with white cursive writing. After gluing it down, I painted a thin layer of acrylic paint on top, so you could still see the words.
I'm going to put my self portrait on this aware page. While I was at it, I made some more pages. I just had so much fun with the layering process. I decided that I'd turn these pages into my journal/scrapbook to document my journey. I'll make more pages as the journey continues.

I glued 2 pages around the sides, leaving the top open (Ali recommends have a scrapbook keepsake pocket, I think she uses pockets from her Project Life series). I decided to make my own pocket. Then I painted both sides using the layering process you've seen.
The pocket I made will be used as the final page of the book. Then I put a thin layer of modge podge on top of all my pages. Punched some holes. Voila! My journal/journey has begun.

The Process
Start by painting a thin coat of gesso on watercolor paper. I used this pad of 30 pieces of  paper. It's 9x 12 sheets, 140 lb. weight (middle grade). 90 lb. paper is thinner, 300 lb. paper is thicker.
Gesso just helps give you a good canvas to work on, kinda like using primer before painting walls or furniture. You don't HAVE to do it. But to me, it's worth the money and time. Gesso is kinda pricey, so use your 40%off coupons. In High School art classes I took, we just painted a layer of white acrylic paint in place of gesso (school budgets).

After the gesso is dry, paint on a coat of any light color.

Let it dry. Then paint a darker/brighter shade of that same color around the edges.
Let it dry a little bit, like maybe a minute. Then mist it with water. Here's that misting bottle I was talking about.

Use a paper towel to blot and blend. Let it dry.
Then I used different materials to add bubble wrap.

I also used the paint dabbers that I had at school. You can buy them on line through Nasco or School Specialty. I haven't looked for them at local craft stores.
They basically are pieces of plastic with a handle that's easy for kids (and adults) to grab on to. On the other side, each one has a different texture that you can print. But any found objects will work. just expirement!

After all of that dried, I used stencils and sponged on a very contrasting color that would really "pop".

After that dried, I added a subtle color, that would show up but not "pop" and stenciled a shape on.

By far, the best stenciling sponge for me was the cheap, cosmetic triangular sponges. Those fancy dobbers as seen above, didn't do as well for me. Guess maybe it depends on the person.
Now I'll use these pages to document my journey.

If you're using acrylics for the first time (or gesso), just be aware that they destroy clothes. If you let the paint dry on your clothes, they're toast. So cover up if you care about your clothes or change to "painting clothes".


Dina said...

That project is totally amazing!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I have been waiting to try this for a long time... you pages are so pretty and artistic!! I love it! I just wish you lived closer so I could get a hannds on lesson!! I am so excited about your book!

maj. said...

Totally stunning, such an amazing beautiful background!!!