Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Cards 2011

So after seeing those Christmas Card books all over Pinterest, of course I had to make one of my own. I cut about a 10 x 8 piece of chipboard and covered it with the green patterned paper. Then I used my Elegant Edges cartridge for my Cricut to cut the red and white paper (which by the way, I just love!!!). I added some ribbon and letters cut with  my Cricut. Yes, I should have made them more bold. But I just didn't want to cover up that red and white paper. :)

I made sure to add our own Christmas card.

And the one Sophia made for us at school.

I just love this paper that I got from The Little Blue House (I think it's by Crate Paper but I could be wrong).

I added some ribbon on the rings to add texture and to kind of hide the rings (they don't really look that perdy).

P.S. I made a template our of posterboard that was 8 x 10. I measured to the middle of the posterboard and in 1/2 an inch and made a mark. Then I measure down 2 inches and up 2 inches from that (because some cards are small and I wanted to make sure they would be held by at least 1 ring). Then I used a hole punch to punch a hole in my marks. Then I layed the template over each card and tried to line it up so the holes were even. Then I punched holes in my cards. Super easy and quick! 

Next year, I'll make our book ahead of time so that I don't have to "hurry" to make one.

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