Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kaminski's Creations

So I saw my friend Kristy's blog, Next to Heaven. And she linked up to this cool blog party thing. So I decided why not....Let's link up....
My name is Erin. I'm a mother, artist and art teacher.  I have 2 blogs. One for my family stuff The Kaminski Chronicles and one for my creations, Kaminski's Creations.

Whether it's crafts for my daughter...

......Crocheting ... (here is the only scarf I have photographed).....but I have made a ton that I need to photograph....

Decorating my mantle.....(I LOVE decorating the mantle)!!!

I also LOVE finding diamonds in the rough at Goodwill that I can turn into treasures.

I also love scrapbooking. I turned that love into mini-books. One of my faves was my 365 Days of Gratitude.

Here's one mini-book called 52 Photos in 52 Weeks where I take 1 pic a week for 52 weeks.

Plus I organized all my cards into categories and made them into albums (thanks Pinterest!)!

I also LOVE photography and family I gathered up different sized shoes, from birth to present to mark Sophia's two year old birthday.

I love repurposing found objects, like this old window.

I love making stained glass mosaics. I made this one with my 3rd graders at my school. 

I love sewing!

I love practicality...having all your digits in one place (thanks Kristy for that idea).

Meet my family. My husband Russell. My daughter Sophia Grace.

Sophia is almost 4.

And she has changed my life forever;. Pre- Sophia, I NEVER worried about Holidays, decorating, etc. But since she was born, I  make it my goal to make holidays special.

The apple of my eye!


Jonnique said...

Love your creativity and your family is beautiful! Your newest follower via the Blog Hop party!

Colleen Kessler said...

Great blog... super cute ideas... adorable daughter. I found you via the UBP. Looking forward to following.

Market Mommy said...

BEAUTIFUL stuff and beautiful daughter!! Definitely bookmarking your blog! Visit my UBP post if you like :)

sandee said...

Sophie is just gorgeous! You are one talented and creative lady, just the type we are looking for! We are looking for pinners to join out Project Pinterest on April 19th to share what you created from being inspired by a pin. I just checked out your Pinterest boards ( found a few to follow, too! ) Join us on for Project Pinterest and I hope you have a great day! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

sandee said...

ps...I miss having a mantle to decorate :(

Deanna crazed said...

Wow you are very creative and talented!! Keep up the great work! I'm here from UBP btw

A Maui Blog said...

Amazing and lovely crafts you did with the photos. Nice meeting you thru UBP.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

YAY! Wonderful everything!! And I love that last picture of Sophia!! I am so lucky to know you and steal your ideas!