Monday, April 30, 2012

One Little Word.....A Little Behind

I'm a little behind on my One Little Word project. The prompt for March was to go back to January and to evaluate how you're doing on what you wanted to get out of this whole process. Well, my word was Present, as in being present, in the moment, aware. And I can tell you right now that I really haven't made progress on that. I have moments where I'm present and "in the moment". But I'm still doing too much multi-tasking.The March prompt wants you to evaluate your progress and then make a plan to help move your progress along.

My plan.....when I get home. Leave the TV turned off. Do not turn on my laptop. Leave my phone alone. 
Play a game with Sophia (High-Ho-Cheerio is her current fave). Or go outside and play on her scooter. Or maybe involve her in  the dinner process. 

So involve her in the dinner process I did....we made pizza.

And she LOVED it.
 Quality time with my daughter = priceless.