Friday, April 6, 2012

For the Love of Spray Paint

Oh spray paint, who do I love thee. Let me count the ways

Just wanted to make a post about spray paint because it's changed my life. It is the easiest solution to a color correction problem. Now when I'm buying things, I think about what color I can turn it into.
So I found this birdhouse on sale,e at Joann's for less than $3. I found the spray paint on sale for $2.97 at Joann's (so I bought it knowing I'd use it for something). When I got home and put the birdhouse on the mantle,  I didn't like the lack of contrast. It just didn't "pop".

So I opted to use my clearance spray paint and paint it blue. Now it "pops".

I found this lantern in the Joann's clearance section, and knew I loved "the bones" of the piece but the color was wrong for my dining/living room.

I can't remember the exact color but I think it was Krylon and oil rubbed something....I really wanted black but I didn't have it on hand.

But it looks perfect on my cherry red shelving unit .

And then again, sometimes, things just don't work out. I received this beauty via a gift exchange at my teacher friends Caddo camping trip. I just knew that if spray painted solid white, with pink candles, it would be perfect for Sophia's room. Unfortunately I didn't consider the wind when I spray painted. So it got blown across our backyard and  broke.

Oh, well. At least it was watch out for the wind.

I found this super cute frame that you hang pics on at Canton but after I hung it up it just did nothing for the wall.

I had some left over turquoise spray paint so I sprayed it. Now it feels right to me.

Next  up, I had this country wreath looking thang ( got it in Granbury many moons ago, I wanna say prior to Jack, even). But I loved the texture of the piece. So I stuck it my crafty closet.

I had found some clearance spray paint at Joann's ( when they say clearance, good luck getting it to work).  But after much frustration, I was able to finish the wreath and add it to the Spring Mantle.

Oh and that window was also a Canton find. A little spray paint and it feels new!

 I must say, adding a little paint to something makes it feel like it doesn't have all the germs, dust, wear and tear, etc. It makes it feel fresh and new!
Happy spray painting!


Allison said...

I ADORE painting too! Love all of these things - your mantle is so well loved!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

It all looks fantastic!! I would have never thought about painting the wreath... looks like pottery barn to me!