Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's Summer Time!!!!

It's summer time!
And you know what that means....plenty of time to do the things I neglect to do during the school year.
The life of a teacher can be pretty hectic during the school year but the summer gives me time to create, read and spend time with my family.
This summer I'll be doing a lot of reading. Some for fun, some for information.

We recently got 2 puppies and I need to read up on how to train them.
My daughter,Sophia, and I joined the Hurst Summer Reading program and are logging our hours for book bucks. Here's their website.

Sophia and I visited the Girl Scout store in Southlake and picked up some books to help guide us independently to earn badges over the summer. It gives you activity choices, things to discuss and take action on. In each package, they come with 4-5 different badge activities and they were only $4 for the package. Here's their on-line store. Tomorrow we'll begin working on her painting badge by going to an art museum.

And I finally have time to print out all those recipes from Facebook and Pinterest that I've been dying to try but forgot all about. We tried this really good soup recipe. If you like Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup, you'll love this recipe.

And of course, what would the summer be without planning Sophia's birthday in June. I can't believe she's turning 8!!!

And last but not least, I'll have time to add items to my Etsy Shop, Kaminski's Creations.
Use coupon code FREESHIP2016 to receive free shipping on all orders.

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