Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Texas Rangers Clipboard

I took a break from journal making to work on something for my school nurse (I'm an art teacher). She asked me to make this for her probably about 6 months ago....a clipboard decorated in honor of her favorite professional baseball team, the Texas Rangers. I'd been gathering the materials for a while but finally found the time to create summer break!
So here it is...front and back.



I found the clipboard at Hobby Lobby. It was $4 but less with a coupon.

They also had some cute baseball and rustic looking papers that I bought as well.

I found the Texas Rangers duct tape at Joann's.

This is one project where I just didn't know when to stop. It just didn't feel finished.

So I kept adding and adding.

The final step was to Modge Podge the front and back to make it more durable. I used a ring used for making my journals to hold the metal clip up so I could Modge Podge underneath it and allow it to dry without messing up the finish.

Now back to my journal making.

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