Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Child's Magnetic Art Display Tutorial

My most recent project was one I did for One Crafty Contest over at One Artsy Mama. They wanted us to use paint in some way. As soon as I heard it was paint, I was ecstatic. I love to paint and I knew exactly what I wanted to paint......
Sophia's Wall!
It has scene better days. She's been hanging her art and certificates up with tape and leaving tape remnants on the wall. She's also been adding her drawings on the wall (what was she thinking??).

She even wrote her name on the wall!!!!

So since she loves to hang her artwork on the wall, and she likes doing it herself, I decided to create an art display using magnetic paint (so she can hang them any way she wants).

To start with I taped off a rectangle using a tape measure and a yardstick. I already had the magnetic paint from a previous project so I got started with a layer of magnetic paint.

My previous project was flat so I didn't realize how drippy and runny the magnetic paint was. So just a heads up on a few things you need to know before you start.
1. It's very drippy so lay down a drop cloth and tape off anything you don't want paint on.
2. Use disposable sponge brushes so you don't have to clean them.
3. Use disposable gloves to paint with because it was very tough getting the paint off of  hands.
4. Do this at a time when you can ventilate the area because it was very smelly (my previous project I did outside so I didn't realize this).
5. Before you leave the store make sure you get the paint department to mix up the paint because the magnetic parts sink to the bottom.

I painted 4 layers. It says at least 2 so I figured more is better and mine works great.

Notice all my drips....looks like the wall was crying....made me want to cry. At this point I began to doubt my vision and came up with a back up project just in case this was a big disaster (which I'll share later).
And yep...I stained her carpet.

Here's the paint I used. It comes in a can, inside a box. I've tried the Martha Stewart brand and spray paint versions on my previous project, but they didn't work as well as this Rust-Oleum kind.

After I applied 4 layers of magnetic paint, I applied about 3 layers of pink that Sophia chose.

After the pink was dry, I used a stencil and white paint to add a little character and make it look a little more "princessy". For the stencil, I measured to find the middle and started there. I just eyeballed most of it.

After that, I made a frame using purple paint.

I had saved the can of paint from when I painted the room a lime green about 8 years ago and they were able to match the color so I could touch up the wall.

For my magnets, I used small ones I found at Hobby Lobby that were the strongest you could buy and used a hot glue gun to attach beads. The lighter the beads the better.


Sophia loves it!!! But I think her favorite part of this process was realizing her bed could be turned into a fort. I used a set of white sheets to hang on her bed to reflect the light better to get a decent pic. and then she decided to use them to make her fort. And it hasn't come down since.

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