Friday, May 10, 2013

Guest Posting at Alderberry Hill

Check out my guest post over at
I'm sharing my tutorial for my Keepsake Suitcase.
 Guest Post: Keepsake Suitcase from Kaminskis Creations


srpprcrftr said...

Suitcase is so great, love the colors and variations of lettering. Love how the lettering was placed on the suitcase.
I've got a suitcase I've been wanting to redo, I have some old travel stickers. Thought I'd use those with some other images, try to vary it but keep the idea for travel. Duh, it's a suitcase, lol
Happy Mother's Day

Doreen said...

HI Erin,
Clicked over from Alderberry Hill. I absolutely l.o.v.e. your Keepsake Suitcase. It's adorable, so well-thought out, and you can tell how much love is put into it. Your daughter will be so delighted to take it with her when she goes off to college. Don't worry, though -- it is many years off. [I say that with a bit of teary eyes, as it seems like just yesterday my daughters were that young.] Now I'm following you and I look forward to catching up on your posts. I blog at Altered Artworks. Hope you'll come over for a visit.