Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Feature....Mindy Mae's Market

I was just featured on

Mindy Mae's Market

Here's her feature. The theme was old windows.

Monday, July 16, 2012

First Feature...Old Windows!

"Erin over at Kaminski's Creations submitted this incredible old window project. I really love it for two reasons: 1. I LOVE repurposing items. 2. I ADORE crafts that can also be repurposed, updated, re-done, re-arranged...you get the idea. You'd think I had committment issues. 

Erin fashioned this window to serve as a rotation of her scrapbooking. She can put in new pages and put the already showcased pages in a scrapbook. I love that! I love that people will see work that they might not otherwise and I love that it won't be lost after use!

Here was my original post.

Family Window Frame

So remember my the pic of my sneak peak family window project? Well, if you don't here's the sneak peak again. I was inspired by Jacklyn over at 3 Heart Designs.I was so inspired that I shared it with my friend Tricia who is branching out into the crafting world (she's a creative person at heart). So I invited her and my friend Donna over for a craft night (we kept it small this time) to work on our windows and Donna crocheted. As Tricia said, she is the crochet whisperer. She's the one who taught me.

Here's Tricia's window. Super cute!

Here's me working on a layout. Yes, we were in our pj's. The only way to craft.
Tricia became an pro at cutting the paper.

So for mine, here's how I started. I had bought an old frame at Canton that had been updated (she'd cleaned it up, painted it and added wood to act as shutters). I decided it needed to be black so I taped off the windows and spray painted it. I like spray painting better when I'm going to distress something. It sands off better. After is was dry I rubbed it with sandpaper (medium grit).

You can see the distressed part a little below. Then I measured the window panes and cut out posterboard pieces that were slightly bigger than the pane.

Then, I made my layouts (I'd already narrowed down my pics, papers and embellishments).

I just love the Tim Holtz keys and metal medallions!

I found this cool scrapbooking paper that looks like recipe cards and I added a recipe for a happy family. At this point I was still working on the wording so I left it blank.

Here's the back of the window so you can see how the vendor added the pseudo shutters and so you can see the taupe color it was. That would not have shown up at all on our walls at all.

After the layouts were dry and complete, I taped them in with packing tape.

Yep, we're fancy over here. I intend to take these out periodically and update them. When I remove a layout, I'll make a new scrapbook to keep all "discarded" layouts in.

Here's the completed frame. 

It will go above this console table and I'll move my other pics somewhere else.
Once again, thanks Jacklyn for your inspiration! Here's the pic I saw that inspired me.

Recipe for a Happy Family
Mix equal parts giggles, cuddles and smooches.
Add heaping amounts of understanding, forgiveness, love and patience.
Sprinkle with honesty and loyalty.
Fold in consideration, participation and cooperation.
Repeat layers as necessary for a happy family.


Janelle's Little Blog said...

That's very cool! I was just talking about you today..I was at an antique mall with Mrs. Moon and I was thinking of all the cool stuff I bet you could create...repurpose...from all that stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

That window is a work of art...how exciting when others notice and appreciate your creativity. You have a gift!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Woo Hoo! This is one of my all time fan=vorite projects you have made!