Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jingle Bell Jar???

For now, I'm calling this project A Jingle Bell Jar.....but I've also considered Santa's Watching Jar or just Jingle Jar.

Basically, we bought this fish bowl at the end of Oct. when my daughter got a free gold fish at a Halloween carnival. Of course, that fish died. So we bought 2 more and then they died too. So we've abandoned any hopes or dreams of having fish in this fish bowl. So what to do with a fish bowl?

Turn it into Santa? Use it to reward a 3 year old for good behavior?

I used a marker made to write especially on glass to trace this coloring page onto the front (I know I could have just drawn it myself. But hey, this saved time. I just taped the picture to the inside of the fish bowl).

Then I painted his beard using enamel paints. I used glossy. I really liked the thickness and coverage this product gave.

I just used regular acrylic craft paint for the skin and red (hard to see on the pic, but the coverage was much more solid with the enamel paint).Then I outlined everything again with the black glass marker pen.

I bought a toddler Santa hat at Hobby Lobby for $1. Then I bought some jingle bells that Sophia picked out at Michael's.

I explained to her that Santa is really busy this time of year and we really want to make sure he hears that she's been a good girl. So whenever she makes a really good choice or does a really good deed, she gets to pick a jingle bell, ring it (so Santa hears her being a good girl) and then she places it in the jar. 

We'll see if this improves her behavior. But really, I just needed to do something with that fish bowl. 

Now for the name....what's your vote? Jingle Bell Jar? Santa's Watching Jar? Jingle Jar? Or do you have any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The is FANTASTIC!!!! Santa looks great, and what a fun way to recognize Sophia's efforts. And I love the jingling so Santa hears it. TOO COOL and so fun for her!!! I vote for Jingle Bell jar.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Super cute!