Sunday, December 18, 2016

Time for Crafting Inspirations

I started these aprons and towels back in October, hoping to have them in my Etsy Shop by Christmas. Well....that didn't happen. I kept procrastinating. And now I've missed the Christmas shopping season. I had so much fun picking out the fabrics but when it came to actually sitting down to sew, I was just not motivated.

Here's my sewing room, a.k.a, the formal dining room.

I even had some really cute patterns to use.

So, I decided to put it all away, take a break from these projects for my shop and refocus on crafting and artsy fartsy-ing for fun. For my own creative sanity. I realized that about 5 years ago, when I started my shop, all my creative focus has been on my Etsy shop and not on creating art for fun.
About 6 or 7 years ago, when I started crafting, I started going on line and getting really good deals at scrapbook shops on supplies......some I've never even used (like this Cricut cartridge).
Or this board....

and these frames....

these distressing inks (I wonder if they even still work)....

....sticky backed canvas sheets....

...foil sheets, stencil sheets (you can create your own stencils using your Cricut to cut it!!!)....

And this packet of papers and burlap....speaking of burlap...I need to go pull out my red burlap I haven't looked at in 6 years.

So you see, these supplies are begging to be used. And I'm answering the call. I'm putting my creative needs first.
Now, to go get sucked in to Pinterest for inspiration. Follow me on Pinterest to see what's inspiring me (my board called Crafty Inspirations).

So many possibilities!!!!

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