Monday, December 26, 2016

Joy Banner

Here's my new Joy banner that I made today using leftover scraps of the red burlap from my wreath. 

Lay freezer paper on your Cricut mat and send it through your Cricut machine.

I made a little mark with chalk where I wanted the bottom of letters to go.

Iron for a couple of minutes.

Add acrylic paint. I used white.

Let it dry. Mine was not completely dry when I removed the freezer paper.

I attached my banner to jute using glue.

I staple gunned it to my shutter.
Viola. Easy banner.

1 comment:

srpprcrftr said...

Really nice Joy banner, love how you showed how to make letters using the freezer paper. Keep reading about many ways to use it but haven't, guess is time I did.
Love your reindeer sign also,all your projects look great, fun decorating.

Have wonderful Christmas.