Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My New Christmas Wreath

Here is my new Christmas wreath!
It's made out of red burlap, a straw wreath (I recommend using foam instead) and greening pins (I recommend using just regular boutonniere pins....see tutorial I followed below).

The red and blue really go great with our mantel color story.

Here's my inspiration tutorial found over at Find It, Make it, Love it.

I had a different tutorial I was using when I purchased my supplies. Then I stumbled upon this tutorial and wish I'd found it first. It has really great step by step photos. So great, I didn't even bother taking step by step pics of my own. Just go check out her tutorial!

It all started with this red burlap that I purchased on-line about 5-6 years ago (about 1 yard). I knew I wanted to do something Christmasy with it but didn't know what. Our wreath got damaged last year so I tossed it, so our mantel needed one desperately.

The straw wreath was 12 inches and really hard to stick those greening pins into, especially after a few overlapping layers of burlap.

It took me about an hour from start to finish but I used a rotary cutter like she did to cut my squares. If I was cutting them all individually, I could see how it would take longer.

For my bow, I wanted the contrast of the shimmery blue against the rough, red burlap. It had wire edging, so even though I've never tied a bow in my life, it was pretty easy. Here's a good bow tutorial for bow tying over at Skip to my Lou.

I had enough burlap squares left over, I plan on making a banner to hang on the shutter on the mantel. That will probably be my next project.

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