Sunday, January 8, 2017

One Little Word

If you haven't heard of the movement called One Little Word, let me introduce you.

It started with Ali Edwards. Basically, it's a year long project where you pick one word you'd like to focus on for the year. Through her workshop, you are given prompts to explore your word. I did it previously here.
This year I chose the word aware, because I would like to be more focused on my family and the things that matter. Last time I created a journal to log my explorations. So I decided, why not another journal?

For this project, I was inspired by my new workout clothes I got for Christmas (seen below).

My hope was to use the sticky backed canvases from my stash of supplies for the covers. So I started to paint them and then this happened above.
So I attached them to cardboard pieces from scrapbook orders I saved, then painted them.

I just peeled a little off at a time and attached them.

Worked much better. I started with a base of light/bright orange. Let it dry about 10 minutes then started adding layers of darker orange.

Then I added some stenciling in a light blue.

For the darker blue I reversed the stencil.

And then I got impatient, and added the bottom stencil layer before the brushes were dry (I kept washing and drying my brushes). So this happened. EEK!

So I added a family photo and frame over it.

It's far from perfect, but it's my new journal and it's ready for me to explore the word "Aware".

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