Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Banner

So for Sophia's 3rd birthday coming up, I decided to make a birthday banner for her party.
I'm going with a black/white and pink color scheme so I picked scrapbooking paper that was black and white prints and use hot pink letters.
I cut pieces of 6 x 12 paper for the banner pieces. I used one of them as a template. I cut all my letters out on my new Cricut.

Next, I folded the 6 x 12 template piece in half and layed it on my cutting board at an angle (from the outside corner to the bottom inside edge).

Here's the template.

Next, I layed the template on top of a stack of 6 x 12 pieces (I did about 5 at a time) and traced it. Then I used my cutting board to cut along the lines (all 5 at a time).

YES! I'm watching the behind the scenes Oprah show on OWN. Catching up!

Next, I did the same process with black cardstock (but I did 7 x 12 pieces) because I wanted to make sure the thin scrapbooking paper had a good support to it. I glued the letters down to the patterned papers and then glued the patterned papers to the black papers.

I used a hole punch to punch holes on each side of the triangle. Next I cut 3 inch pieces of black ribbon to tie each piece together. I added ribbon on either end.

It's pretty long but I LOVE it!
And this is why my Facebook status update the other day read something about the perfect day. The right amount of work and play. I got to be creative, cross something off of my very long to-do list, got to watch Oprah Behind the Scenes, and I got to read. Oh! And I visited 2 craft stores plus Target. Why does buying the perfect lip gloss or lipstick make my day complete???


Anonymous said...

That birthday banner is fantastic!!! I love the crown, I love the different types of paper, and I think the ribbons are a perfect touch. Well done, my friend!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Oh, how I like this! One of my favorite girly color combos- great job! Can't wait to see pictures of the party- how excited is Sophia?

donna said...

You have been busy! Sophia is going to have such a fun party.

trm1217 said...

How do you do the end ribbon puffs like that?

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