Saturday, January 21, 2017

Family Initial

Unfortunately, we are one of those families whose last name starts with K.
I'm always envious when I see a family letter wall.
Group too many K's together. Bad! Really bad. So I decided to make this freestanding K to present our family.
My challenges...the letter K obviously. Materials....what I had on hand. This was part of my Christmas crafting challenge where I tried to use materials I'd had forever. This is what I came up with.

I started with a wooden letter K.

Pages of sticky backed aluminum  pages. And red and turquoise paint. And Embossing powder, distressing ink, heat gun and Sizzix boutique press. I had a ton of crap on hand!!!!!

Here are the metal pieces.

I put a piece of metal (I cut it with my paper cutter) to fit in my Sizzix folder.

I ran it through my Boutique machine.

I painted them with leftover Turquoise paint (acrylic). Lightly.

Once dry, I distressed them with an ink pad. I think it's a Ranger product. You just rub it across the top. While still wet.....
Sprinkle on the Embossing powder. Let the excess run off. 

It gets this crystalized affect.  

I had to cut and piece my metal to fit my letter K.

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