Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's Pick Your Plum!!! Pearls!

Check out today's Pick Your Plum! I think I might just have to hop over there and buy a pink pearl bracelet.
Pearls, Pearls, Everything in REAL Pearls! Pearl Jewels for 70% Off! 
Real Pearls -  Set of 2 bracelets and a matching pair of real seed pearl earrings.

You know what? There's a lot of jewelry out there. How do you choose which is right for you? Turquoise? Big, plastic-y things? One of those big brass necklaces with a bullet casing on the end? It's hard to tell which style is you. But you know what? There's one look that looks great on everyone. Every age.  Every style. Pearls, girls.  Pearls for days. Pearls for nights. Wear them when you want to be the most ladylike gal at the country club. Wear the bracelets with some crazy bangles and look like a rock star. Wear the earrings every single day of your life because girl, you know they're gonna work. So. Get some for you. Get some for your besties. Get some to put in your gift drawer because you know these will make the best favors at a bridal showers. Order up ladies, the world is your oyster.

Pick a set, any set:
  • The Black Pearl (Black) - $5.99
  • Pearly Whites (White) - $5.99
  • Pink Ladies (Pink) - $5.99
  • One of Each - $17.97

The "Juicy" Details:  Each set comes with 2 bracelets and 1 pair of earrings. Bracelets are approximately 3 1/2" in diameter and are strung on elastic to stretch to fit most.  Pearls are a "seed" type pearl; they are very unique; and each one is different. Unique and different just like lucky can a girl get? It's just that awesome!  Lead and nickel free.

Fine Print:  Pearls ship for just $2.99 (for up to 14 orders) and only $7.99 for our Canadian friends.  Packages will be on their way on or before August 23, 2013.

ATTENTION LOCAL CUSTOMERS:  Planning on picking up your order in our warehouse?  Watch for our email - we'll let you know when it's ready.

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