Friday, August 16, 2013

My Final Organizational Area- My Closet

I still have a few small organizational projects but my last big one was my closet.
Here's the before pic.....
You may not think it looks too bad at first glance. But I needed to go through all of my clothes and shoes and purge what I no longer wear.

I've also had a really weird goal for a long time...matching hangers. I'm tired of having the department store hangers and different colored ones from the store. I've actually been working on that for about 2 years. I just bought a pack or 2 of hangers (I chose a classic white) every now and then.


And here is the after....I finally have my matching hangers.

I purged what I no longer want/need.

I am kinda nerdy when it comes to closet organization. I organize clothes by type and then by color. So for example, I have all of my dresses together in rainbow order (with neutrals at the end). I have all of my skirts together. Pants together.

Shirts together (teacher work shirts at the front).
Sweatshirts together. Then I have super casual/grungy/wear around the house shirts together.

Here are my shoes. Easily stackable, easy to see what pair of shoes is inside and the containers contain any odors. 

And that's it y'all! I'm finally organized for the upcoming school year! Yea!!!!!


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