Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jingle Bell Jar

I did this Jingle Bell Jar last year with Sophia and wasn't sure if it made an impact on her. But this year, when unpacking our Christmas decor, she was super excited to see it and could even tell me how we used it. So I'm rerunning the remainder of the post from last year.....

Basically, we bought this fish bowl at the end of Oct. when my daughter got a free gold fish at a Halloween carnival. Of course, that fish died. So we bought 2 more and then they died too. So we've abandoned any hopes or dreams of having fish in this fish bowl. So what to do with a fish bowl?

Turn it into Santa? Use it to reward a 3 year old for good behavior?

I used a marker made to write especially on glass to trace this coloring page onto the front (I know I could have just drawn it myself. But hey, this saved time. I just taped the picture to the inside of the fish bowl).

Then I painted his beard using enamel paints. I used glossy. I really liked the thickness and coverage this product gave.

I just used regular acrylic craft paint for the skin and red (hard to see on the pic, but the coverage was much more solid with the enamel paint).Then I outlined everything again with the black glass marker pen.

I bought a toddler Santa hat at Hobby Lobby for $1. Then I bought some jingle bells that Sophia picked out at Michael's.

I explained to her that Santa is really busy this time of year and we really want to make sure he hears that she's been a good girl. So whenever she makes a really good choice or does a really good deed, she gets to pick a jingle bell, ring it (so Santa hears her being a good girl) and then she places it in the jar. 

We'll see if this improves her behavior. But really, I just needed to do something with that fish bowl. 

And now I know that it did make some impact and she's already asking if she can earn a bell for different tasks etc.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jewelry Storage

This year has been so busy, especially in the mornings. Even though I live 2 seconds from my work, I still find myself rushing out the door with any accessories, even though I have so many beautiful ones.
I realized one reason is because "out of sight, out of mind", they're stored in a jewelry box. So I decided that the 2 spoon racks and frame from Goodwill could be turned into my jewelry storage so I can actually see the pieces as I'm grabbing clothes in my closet.

First, I spray painted the spoon racks and the frame black.

I covered the backing of the frame in fabric using a spray adhesive that dries clear and leaves no residue.

Here's the fabric lined backing inside the frame. Now to take apart my jewelry box. I picked 3 drawers from it and spray painted them black too.

As seen here....

I also spray painted some nails using this cardboard box.

Then I used some string, measuring tape and tape to make a grid on the frame that could be removed.

Then using Super Glue, a few nails and a staple gun I attached my drawers to the frame backing.

I added the nails, using my grid for my bracelets to hang on.

The drawers are used for rings, earrings and loose pendants.

I removed the string and hung it in my closet.

I used the spoon holder for my necklaces.Luckily I was able to find 2 spoon holders since I have so many necklaces.

I hung the necklace holders above the frame.

This is the perfect set-up to remind to wear that jewelry.

And so far, the drawers are still defying gravity. :)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Christmas Card Holder

Here is one of the Christmas projects I made last year....A Christmas Card Holder.

Here's our "new" Christmas card holder. It's really just an old frame that I spray painted silver. I added some cut ribbon with a staple gun. I bought mini-clothespins at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them silver. Now we just have to wait for this Christmas cards to start rolling in to fill it up. :)