Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to My Art Room!

Now that the school year is under way, I'm finally able to take a few deep breaths and enjoy the fruits of my labor. For those of you that don't know, I moved to a new school this year. It's my neighborhood school and my daughter will be going there next year. So I'll be teaching at her school! How cool is that???

So here is my new art room. I borrowed many ideas from Pinterest as far as the decorating went. 

Here's my little working space.

I've always used table colors to organize the art room but now each table color has a table artist (thank you Pinterest). But I'm also going to give each table color artist time as our artist of the month. Something new I'm trying. I'll let you know how it works out.

Like I said, each table has it's on color and each person sits at the same number each week. And each person has a job (I'll give info on that later).

Here are our table folders. At the end of class, if a student isn't finished with their work (dry work, not something they've painted or glued on), they put it in their table folder. One of the jobs at their tables is the table folder captain and they're in charge of turning it in. That way, the next class time, when I need to pass back works in progress, it's super easy. You just pass back the table folders instead of calling names to pass back works. 

Here's my new table folder turn in basket. I got it at IKEA for around $4. The great thing is, that is should (if my calculations are correct fit 12 x 18, or come really close). 

This summer, between Target and Mardel's I was able to find 7 colors of organizational baskets. So now the supply captain just has to grab their basket which already has 4 pencils and an eraser in it. they can also pick up scissors and glue if the project calls for it. Oh and this year.....I'm so sick of time being wasted at the pencil sharpener, so instead, I have a pencil jar on my desk. All they have to do is grab a pencil that is sharpened, and discard the one they're using in the bad pencil jar. I sharpen them each day after school.

Back to my baskets, they turn in their work here if it is dry. th stop sign reminds them to check if their name and teacher are on the back.

Here are my marker and crayon buckets (one for each table...I recently had to add an 8th table because our 5th grade group is so big).

Here are their options when they finish:
Extra sketchbook assignments...they just grab one from the basket.

Use the How-To drawing books....I got a bunch at Half Price Books. They give step by step instructions on how to draw_________, you fill in the blank.

They can do a coloring page.

Or they can do free draw (draw whatever they want).
I also have art jobs that I can assign like sharpening pencils, cleaning brushes, sorting markers etc.

Borrowed/stolen from Pinterest, I have used this Noise-O-Meter to help keep my classes under control noise wise. Works great for the little guys. Not as much for the big kids.

Now let's talk jobs. Each time they come, they sit in the same seat, so their number stays the same, but their art job changes because the numbers on my job chart move because I used Velcro. Here are their jobs: Supplies (get and return), Table Top Captain (makes sure there aren't any messes on the table top and turns in the table folder), Floors (they are in charge of making sure the floor is clean of any debris or messes), and the last job is Sinks/Counter tops (they are in charge of making sure the sinks are empty of any stray brushes or paper towels and also straightening up any items on the counter tops. the numbers move, so each student has a chance to be the coveted supply captain. :)

This is my quiet signal poster. Love the First Day of School by Harry Wong (I think that's the name of the author and book).

This year, since we did Champs training, I also decided to post my expectations (in addition  to the school rules). Our Champs book also had clip art pics that we could use to give visual symbols. 

By district rule, we are not allowed to write grades on the backs of papers that we'd hang in the hallway (in case a parent or student was doing the hanging). So instead, I have my grades 3-6 tape a grade sheet on the back. I write their grade on that and pass it back to them later so they know what they got on each project.

Here's my behavior book. Each time I give 2-6 a warning, they have to go write it in the book. They are supposed to write their name and what they did. Guess I need to re-explain that to this group. Each time they sign the book, it's minus 1 on their participation grade for art.

Here are my class points charts. I keep track of each class. They are trying to earn points by working together (k-2=25 points and 3-6= 50 points).

Here's how they earn points. 
Did you follow directions?
How was the noise level?
Did you enter and exit quietly?
Did you show respect?
Did everyone do their job?
Did we have any warnings or names?
When each class earns their points, they get a free choice day where they get to pick their art project for the day. Some of my choices are: painting, play dough, collage, free draw, games (blocks and other art hands on manipulates , reading a book (art related or one they brought with them, I have a book shelf of art books they can read).
Each child may be doing something different. and they can change at any time. If they get tired of painting, they can switch. the kids love it! It does make it hard for the art teacher. But by the time they've earned a free choice day, you should have them pretty well trained.

Another reward system I have besides points is Super Star Student. I pick one student each class time per class to be the Super Star (the ones that are awesome, I do not pick ones that are not). I try to cycle through the entire class before I pick someone twice. I write their name on my board you see below and give them a certificate.

I can already see that my organizational ways and classroom management systems are working on my new kiddos. They are totally buying in and loving it. 
So what's your art room like? What do you do when  people finish early? What do you use as rewards?

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Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

you were always one of the most organized teachers in the school! I think it is so wonderful for kids! Nice job.