Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Anthologies! How I Miss You!

I really miss having Anthologies open. For those of you that don't know what that is, it was a scrapbooking store in Hurst that also offered really cool classes. I know The Little Blue House offers classes too but it's all the way in Keller. Not very convenient for me to try to get to after work. But I may just take a class on a Saturday.

Here are a couple of books I made at Anthologies that I thought I'd share because you could totally make one at home. I love making mini-books because they're so much easier to finish than a full on scrapbook that chronicles your family.
This one is a book called School Days and as the title suggests, it's all about keeping track of your child's school career. It goes from PK to their senior year.

I don't know if you can tell, but at the top there is a flap that opens and you can put keepsakes inside for each grade. Each page is actually made from a 5 x 7 envelope. I painted the back side of each one. The front of the envelope is covered with scrapbooking paper, as well as the flap. I also sewed the sides. That was totally weird sewing paper.

Each page it embellished with paper, school writing paper, flashcards, puzzle pieces (I just painted the backside of real puzzle pieces red),  pages from books and other school related materials.

Each page has a space for a picture and journaling.

Here's another book called The Gratitude Journal.

It was made using pre-cut chipboard pages that I covered in scrapbook paper. I inked all the edges. It's held together with 4 rings.

It has lots of space for writing about what you're thankful for and also places for pictures.

I might be saving this for when Sophia gets a little older and we all add something we're thankful for around Thanksgiving time as sort of a family activity (if I can get Russell to participate).

So Anthologies, thanks for the great projects I created there. I'm really gonna miss it!


Anonymous said...

Wow...these books are beautiful. If you find a class somewhere that I might be interested in, please take me with you!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I need both of these!! Love the Gratitude Journal colors. I can't believe I have been missing these posts!

alysaka said...

Little Blue House is really worth it!