Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Those Numbers Organized!

If you're like me, I no longer have any phone numbers memorized (except for my own) and rely on my cell phone to have all of them. But what happens if your cell phone dies, the battery isn't charged or you just lose it?
Introducing a telephone index (rolodex).....
I must admit I love the security of having it on paper rather than just on my cell phone. I've made one for myself before here. 
But here is the latest one I've made that I actually made for the craft fair that got canceled. Now it will go in my Etsy of these days.
I found this plain black box on clearance at Joann's. I spray painted a scrapbooking embellishment handle light blue and used E6000 glue to attach it.

I found a scrapbook paper that is a an old fashioned telephone index paper that I cut apart.

I stamped journaling spaces onto plain, solid papers and glued them down to double sided scrapbook paper so you can add info on both sides.

The tabs I made here are from that old fashioned telephone index paper. I got it from

Now all your important numbers are organized, at your finger tips, easy for a babysitter to access and it just looks cute!

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