Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organization: The Hall Closet

I finally made time to tackle our hall closet. These are the before pics. The top of the closet isn't so bad, but the further down you go, you can see I've just been throwing stuff in there.  

And here are the after pics.

Yes, I know the green blankets are leaning (I didn't realize it until I looked at the pics on my computer). :)
So what I did was basically take everything out. Then I went through the boxes and sorted, purged and reorganized each box by season/Holiday.I put all the banners, lights, and décor into Ziploc bags so that they wouldn't get tangled up.

I have a box for Spring/Summer, Valentine's/St. Patrick's, and Fall/Winter.

I also have a box for party supplies which has party hats, goody bags, balloon weights etc.

The top of the closet holds my candles, Scentsy stuff and my punch bowl (which I'm considering getting rid of. I haven't used it in 7 years).

The next shelf holds all of seasonal/Holiday décor.

The next shelf holds our seasonal pillow covers and pillow cases, party extras and décor extras.
The next shelf holds all of our bedding. I just fold the sheet sets and put them in a pillow case to organize them. I'm sure Martha Stewart would cringe if she saw my linens but it works for me!
The bottom of the closet holds all of my extra family photos, European trip photos and my photos from all of my photography classes.

So glad it's over the hard part....keeping it organized!


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