Sunday, May 1, 2011

January Sketch for Project 12

It seems like forever since I've posted on my creative blog but I promise, I have been creating. I just haven't been posting what I've made. I've been busy scrapbooking. I've been trying to get caught up using a new idea/method on scrapping. Instead of having pages and pages devoted to one month, I've decided to try to create 2, 2 page layouts. Sometimes I have 3 but I try to stick to 2 that basically summarize our month. I take way too many pics to condense it to just one  2 page layout. Way too hard. So here's where I got the idea from Project 12. My friend Kristy is the one who inspired me to go in this direction.

"Project 12 started out as a compromise to the yearly challenge of taking 365 photos. I know I am not organized enough to remember to do something like that on a daily basis, so the idea of that challenge was very overwhelming. I thought it would be much easier to summarize my life on a monthly basis, and that is the concept of Project 12".

"The Project 12 challenge is simple. The idea is to create a layout on a monthly basis which recaps what you’ve been doing. Whether you took 31 photos, no photos, or 100 photos, simply choose your favorites that best described what you were doing that month, and create a layout".

So they have these sketches on their website to help give you ideas. Here's their Jan. sketch.

Here's my interpretation.

 I made it look like a spiral notebook page by punch holes on a plain white paper. Then I inked it to kind of distress it.

I've really been trying to make each page a true work of art and not to speed through it just to try to get it done. I've been taking the time to ink edges and to use cutting tools that create unique edges like the scalloped edge above.
I've also been inspired by Kristy to only use papers and embellishments that I love.

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Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Love it!! Makes me wanna drop everything and just scrap!!